About Me

My name is Georgina, and I am the childminder behind Aardvark Childcare. I went to boarding school in Yorkshire, and have a degree in Archaeology from Exeter University. Once I graduated, I spent a year teaching A Level and AS Level Classical Civilizations,  during which time I also earned a teaching qualification. I can speak both French and Spanish, and I have also run workshops and short courses teaching Spanish to families and younger children.

I became a childminder because I love working with children, but I don't like the high level of paperwork that goes with being a teacher (although childminding generates plenty of paperwork on its own!), or the amount of examination and testing that is currently used in schools.

My qualifications include:

  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Child Safeguarding
  • Level 3 Diploma in Childcare
I am a member of the Professional Association for Childcare and the Early Years (PACEY).

I am Ofsted registered, and all the people living in our house have had a full DBS check. 


Our dog, Hugo, is an Otterhound. He is big, but he is very affectionate and friendly, though he can be a little overenthusiastic when meeting new people! Hugo was a puppy when I started Childminding, so he has grown up used to the behaviour of small children and toddlers! He loves children, but he is not left alone with them and always has his own space to retreat to when he needs it. 

We also have a varying number of chickens. And a healthy local fox population. 

I believe that children benefit a great deal from growing up around animals, as it not only helps them to understand the responsibilities of owning a pet but also teaches them how to behave respectfully towards them. Our pets are members of our family and interact with the children constantly, although always under supervision.


Our home is located near one of the major routes into and out of Exeter, which allows for really easy picking up and dropping off of children. There is easy access (Exeter traffic allowing!) to most of the major employers in the city from our location.

I run Aardvark Childcare on the ground floor of my family home, and mainly use the hall, kitchen, a dedicated playroom and our spacious, secure and fully enclosed back garden.

I am lucky to have easy access to several large parks, riverside walks, local wildlife habitats and really good transport links to Exeter and the rest of Devon for our trips and outings. In fact our local playground was recently voted as the 6th best playground in the world for accessibility and inclusivity!

 For more information on the services I can offer, please look at my Fees and Services page.